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My name is Matthew Lewin, and I am a front-end web developer living in Des Moines, Iowa. This website is where I write about my work in the development field, as well as where I maintain a record of my previous projects.

I am currently taking on new freelance projects, so Send me an email and we can discuss how I can help you with your next project.

Recent Projects

Lewin.io WordPress Theme

Words "lewin.io" in brackets

A custom-made responsive WordPress theme for developer portfolios with hand coded HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

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Custom Website for Uplift Iowa

The words "Uplift Iowa" inside the outline of Iowa

A custom WordPress site for promoting local art and music, made using CSS, PHP and HTML.

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A budget tracking app developed using advanced JavaScript for an online course.

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What I Do


I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and modern libraries to develop web pages and applications that look and perform beautifully. I prioritize accessibility in my HTML, so as wide an audience as possible can use my work.

Responsive Design

I design and build my work for mobile first, ensuring that it looks good, is easy to use and runs well regardless of the device it is being viewed on.

CMS Development

I create and customize WordPress themes so that they are perfectly suited for the job at hand. I prioritize flexibility and ease of use in the dashboard, so that the end-user has full control over their website's content.

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